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New Parents What Do I Do When I get Home

For New Parents:  
"What Do I Do When I Get Home"   

Here is How to Get Started

      Decide what time during the day will be set aside for school time.  Remember, students should do a minimum number of hours of school a week depending on their grade level. Your teacher will give you those hours.

         Look at the list of suggested assignments on the ELF. The four main academic areas are reading/language arts, math, social studies, and science.  In addition, students need to do PE weekly, read for enjoyment, and possibly add a personal learning experience (music, art, sports, technology, etc).    
       Parent/guardians have flexibility in determining which subjects are done at what times.  Generally, students should work for about an hour on each academic area rather than working to complete a given assignment.  The ELF is a living document, a blueprint for learning.  It CAN BE and SHOULD BE changed and/or supplemented to meet a student’s needs.  Some students may not complete all assignments listed while many actually work beyond what was listed.

        As students complete activities, parent/guardians need to correct, score, and initial all work samples.  Be sure each sample has the student’s first and last name, the date, the assignment title, and page number. Note any parts of the assignment that need to be reviewed with the educational consultant.  Questions are welcome and are an important part of each ELF meeting.         

The boxes on the first page of the ELF are a record of what was actually accomplished that day. Parents should write in the date, number of hours worked and their initial for each school day of the assignment period.  Attendance credit can only be given if these boxes are completed.  Work or activities should be recorded daily for each subject area and initialed by the parent.

   What do we bring to the meetings?            

Parent/guardian homeschool teacher and student meet with the educational consultant every two to four weeks. Bring the following to each meeting:  
  • The  completed ELF   
  • All school work from that ELF period       
  • Graded and initialed work samples (2-4 samples per subject: Language arts, math, social studies, science)
  • Encourage your child to have something to share or talk about with their educational consultant.

  Workshops and Field Trips             

Remember to check on-line ( to see a list of monthly optional workshops and field trips.  Sign-up for workshops on-line. Sign-up in the office and complete a permission slip for field trips.  Workshops, field trips and family events are great ways to meet other homeschool families.   

Do not hesitate to call (916) 294-9190 between 8:30am and 3:00pm